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Do you need a web-site designed for you???

We charge a one time fee of 350.00

With this starter pack I will design your web-site and have your web-site up and running, within one week..

This includes hosting, your personalized web address and up to 25 web- pages and the first month of updating for free!
Then each month is it only 10.00 to maintain your web-site! We allow changes to be made for an extra fee! The fee depends on the amount of updated information we add or change.

YOU name it and we will design it!!!

Tell us what you would like your web-site to look like...colors, fonts, style. We will work with you to make your dream site come true!!!

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, that's ok...I will ask you a few questions to get me started. You will be happy! :)

Sharon's Designs
or EMail me at:


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