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The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Personalized Puppy Collars and ID Tags
Puppy ID tags and new digitally imprinted collars and leashes in 8 great colors. Personalized with puppy's name, phone number and choice of design. Fully adjustable.

Advantage and Frontline for Puppies
We offer Frontline and Advantage flea control for your puppy at low, low prices and with free shipping. Check us out at

Find Puppy Names and Training IdeasCNN
Visit the friendly puppies section of for puppy names, training ideas, breed selection, books, more. Easy browsing. Click now.

The Puppy Place
They Eat........They Sleep.......They Play........They Pee........They Poop...... The Puppy Place Featured Puppy Articles under pertinent headings: Java menu Submit Your URL Image! Java menu

2,000 Dog Names - Naming Your Puppy
Use this list of dog names to select the perfect moniker for a new puppy.

Puppy Training
Puppy Training Tips. Gentle methods to raise and train your puppy.

Puppy Finder
Find a directory of dog breeders, veterinarians and names, as well as tips on picking a puppy and some dog-related news.

For Dog Lovers Everywhere
Welcome to my corner of the web. You will find stories of a few of the encounters I have had with mistreated and abused dogs. There is also dog health and care info, as well as lots of fun dog stuff. Use the search engine to search my site.

Working Dog Web

Nine Canine Guides, Dog Search Engine, Freebies, Books & More!

Your NEW Puppy

Age to Separate from Litter
Puppy-Proofing Your Home
Puppies and Small Children
Acclimatization and Socialization
Don't Be Surprised When...
Puppy Biting
Reinforcing Good Behavior
Crying at Night
Health: Vaccinations and Worms
Feeding Your Puppy
Feeding schedules
Dog food formulations
Preliminary Training Obedience classes Around the house

Buying a puppy???

There are many things to consider when thinking about bringing a dog into your home - not the least of which is: What kind of dog is best for me? How do I learn about the different breeds? Where do I find a breeder?

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